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Many businesses are looking to adopt digital solutions to optimise productivity. This was no exception for Meadowhall, a premier shopping destination which is working with Edocuments to implement an electronic document management system to streamline O&M (Operations and Maintenance).

Located in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Meadowhall is one of the top five shopping centres in the UK. With a footfall of 24 million people annually, the shopping centre offers 1.5 million sq ft of high quality retail and leisure space with around 280 occupiers including Marks & Spencer, Apple, Zara, Newbie, Neal’s Yard, Lego, Hugo Boss, Godiva, Flannels and Tag Heuer.

Meadowhall has an extensive leisure offer, with an 11-screen Vue cinema, a 1,200 seat dining quarter and a range of activity spaces. The centre has 12,000 free car parking spaces, as well as its own public transport interchange for local and regional bus, train and Supertram services.

A £60 million internal refurbishment of the centre took place to mark the 25-year anniversary. Not only did this project create distinct districts within Meadowhall, it involved nearly 80 retailers investing £46 million in redesigning and refitting stores.

The refurbishment has further given Meadowhall the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions. There has been a 33% reduction in energy intensity at Meadowhall since 2019, cutting carbon emissions by more than 1,300 tonnes and saving customers on their energy bills. The shopping destination also holds community value too, with over 1,700 people benefiting from the Meadowhall community programme.

Key requirements

The client decided to utilise an electronic document management system in order to streamline the accessibility of information. Meadowhall has been in operation for a few decades which means there is a lot of historical information. Prior to connecting with Edocuments, information was stored on a dedicated section of the internal network.

It is why the client contacted Edocuments – as utilising Edocuments’ Springboard system means Meadowhall teams will have information in one place. This will aid operation, ensure information security and provide better control over user access. As such, Springboard will improve resilience and accessibility of information.

Ideal for construction projects, Edocuments’ Springboard solution is an online authoring and management platform designed to simplify the process of record document production. It provides a controlled environment to ensure documents follow a defined and traceable production process.


Springboard is helping Meadowhall teams to streamline the accessibility of key information. The system is helping the client to organise the different projects that are being completed and provide an overview of the programmes of work at hand. Springboard is further enabling information to be categorised in a way that is visually engaging, ensuring information can be accessed faster.

Although Meadowhall and Edocuments are still on a journey together, the benefits so far have been in terms of time-savings and greater efficiencies.


Intuitive and easy-to-use, Springboard is helping Meadowhall teams locate information at far greater speeds. On a project that has ample historical information, the client is finding that it’s a breath of fresh air to find what they need, when they need it so quickly and without hassle.

Whilst it is very much a work in progress, Springboard is enabling the client to store information in a secure, well-categorised, accessible and user-friendly manner. The search-functions find historical, obscure information efficiently and the dashboard offers greater visibility of what is at hand.

Providing greater accessibility of information that is vital to projects, Edocuments’ Springboard solution is enabling one of the UK’s major shopping destinations to streamline operation and reduce time, cost and error.