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Atelier Residential

New residential block project, part of English Cities Funds £1bn plan, working alongside Salford City Council on 167 apartments and 11 townhouses.
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The Project –

Stretching across 50 acres, the residential block project is part of English Cities Funds £1bn plan, working alongside Salford City Council. The scheme comprises of 167 apartments and 11 townhouses including ground floor commercial space.

The aim for the new development was to provide a diverse and vibrant community for new homeowners to thrive in quality homes, whilst also creating many employment opportunities for residents.

The Challenge.

Construction requirements – To provide industry compliant documents in a timely manner, including Health & Safety File, O&M Manuals, and a Building Logbook

Operational requirements – To deliver accurate, meaningful data and information in a consistent format which is easy to access for the end user.

Delivery of the data to be in a format which can be easily updated throughout the building's lifetime.

How we did it.

Process – Using Edocuments standard industry compliant templates, our staff worked closely with the Principal Contractor and Sub-Contractors to collate, review, and approve the Hand Over Information.

As Edocuments provides Hand Over information for all this Principal Contractors projects, familiarity with staff and supply chain made the process slicker, saving time and money.

Software – Edocuments software platform with many built-in reporting functions and tools, enabled Edocuments to work closely with the client, contractor, and professional team, providing them with accurate reports throughout the process. The platform provided a clear thread of who provided what information, when it was provided, what comments were made and who provided approval.

Key Outcomes and Lessons Learnt.

Post defects period, the end user client had a choice to either keep their information live online, allowing them to update, share information and print on demand, or store electronically on their own servers.

Edocuments Project Manager - “Because we have worked with the Main Contractor on many projects, the process was very smooth, and their supply chain knew what they had to provide. This made for a great project”

Image kindly provided by Eric Wright