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Luneside Student Accommodation

Waterfront location St George’s Quay, part of the Luneside East Regeneration Project, 4 student accommodation blocks provide 431 bedrooms.
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The Project –

Built in a prominent waterfront location in St George’s Quay, the 4 student accommodation blocks provide 431 bedrooms in clusters and studio apartments. As part of the Luneside East Regeneration Project, the construction was designed in keeping with local industrial heritage whilst making full use of natural daylight and ventilation. With the additions of a gym, games room, communal dining, and gardens it’s a space that promotes a sense of place and still reinforces local identity in a fantastic student facility.

The Challenge.

Construction requirements – To provide industry compliant documents in a timely manner, including Health & Safety File, O&M Manuals, and a Building Logbook.

Operational requirements – To deliver and validate relevant useable data in a standardized, easy to use format which can be easily updated throughout the building's lifetime. The information had to be split into individual blocks making it quick and easy for the end user to access their data.

How we did it.

Process – Utilising Edocuments software platform, a full suite of industry compliant documents including Health & Safety File, O&M Manuals, Building Logbook and BREEAM Building User Guides were created for the 4No different blocks.

Edocuments online platform enabled information to be provided by the supply chain, directly into the relevant blocks, making it specific and accurate for the end user client.

Software – Using Edocuments flexible templates, project information was easily split into separate buildings. The reporting tools provided the confidence for the project team by tracking each buildings progress individually, therefore minimizing any last-minute panics.

Key Outcomes and Lessons Learnt.

Utilising the Edocuments platform for the Defects Period provided both the End User Client and the Principal Contractor the confidence to find information on the assets in a quick and logical fashion.

(Edoc PM, Lisa Ellis ) “Another project where the supply chain where familiar with our platform, making the process smoother for all involved.”