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We're EDocs

We help tens of thousands of teams around the world to deliver the very best documentation and data for constructors, building-end-users and building-owners, our processes and technology improve their data operations.


Why we're here

From day one we just wanted to make everyone's days easier for the management of data on construction projects, and for managing data for buildings

We have always had the core rule:

" ENTER-DATA-ONCE, then CHECK-IT, then RE-USE-IT as many times as needed. "

We always strive to stop duplication of data, and remove unnecessary work.

It has always been one of our core principles to be transparent within the data, to show all users (security permitting) who did what when and log the history, as this industry loves to point the finger at who is holding me up! More recently following the building safety bill, further developments have made our change control simpler for users to track history, changes, and validation. Leading to increased quality accuracy we like to call it “process driven data assurance”.

Today at EDocuments we focus on much more than the humble O&M manual we started with, concentrating on a wide range of topics from information security to the legislative impact from the building services industry, and hopefully still making everyone’s day easier.

What we're all about

EDocuments provides services and software for the delivery of BIM. Simply, the solutions address and de-risk the delivery and integration of data for our clients.

EDocuments have been creating handover documentation solutions for the construction industry since 2001 and deliver projects in Europe, Middle East and Australia. We create and manage information for end users, FM managers, main contractors, and sub-contractors.

EDocuments assist clients, professional teams and supply chains to provide quality as built information on time. EDocuments deploy Information Management solutions and engineering expertise that is dedicated to the creation of correct and validated data efficiently for BIM and asset information models (AIM) models.

EDocuments follow the best practice recommendations of the UK Governments Construction BIM Task Group related to the collaborative production and delivery of information for construction projects. This also includes the essential principals of Government Soft Landings (GSL).

EDocuments is privately owned and started trading in the production of record documentation in 1995. Investment into in house software development has revolutionised our document production methods. With more than 40,000 users EDocuments continues to develop and improve all aspects relating to documentation for the construction industry.

We continue to develop solutions to improve the delivery of information.