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Digital Handover

Handover with confidence

Over the past 20 years, EDocuments has provided services to manage the production of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals. Its software drives the highest quality handover information.

EDocuments’ cloud-based software gathers data in a large database that enables information to be accessed easily any time, anywhere. The added advantage here is that your O&M is stored in one accessible area where it can be updated.

With years of experience, EDocuments’ project managers can help make the collation of O&M information as seamless as possible.

Making it simple

Inputting and managing data shouldn’t be complex. Our software is built to streamline data access and retrieval from start to finish – so you can better utilise your time

Handover documentation, data, and management

Digital handover is more important than ever for construction and infrastructure projects, with ever growing technical requirements such as COBie, FIREie, ISO19650, or just traditional operation and maintenance manuals, health and safety files and building energy logbooks, EDocuments has over 20 years of experience, the people, the skills, and the software for your handover.

The shared goal being to maintain the data that keeps you compliant, safe and up to date.

Whether you are looking to outsource data and document creation or looking for software and assistance designed for information management and technical document creation, EDocuments can help you.

To streamline the process, EDocuments’ team of experts are on hand to guide teams and stakeholders along the way, offering training, quality checks and regular progress meetings. Edocuments' team can gather, author, and validate content, allowing clients to resume other tasks. EDocuments technical team is always on hand to deliver quality handover information that benefits your customers.


What challenges do we address?

Creating and managing O&M information is complex and time-consuming. On one project there can be many authors, sources and communication channels – which makes the production of a O&M manual very complicated.

Thankfully there is EDocuments’ software available to solve these challenges. All O&M data is pulled into a single point of entry with rule-based templates and prebuilt workflows.

Collecting data from spreadsheets and models into our easy-to-use, cloud-based EDocuments software – along with extensive data validation rules and processes – simplifies the challenge.
EDocuments creates O&M manuals and has a proven track record of helping businesses from around the world.

Setting the standard

Managing buildings means constantly meeting standards. With 20 years of expertise under our belt, clients can rest assured that EDocuments’ software meets every standard in the industry.


We create a common and easily recognisable data collection template for all information suppliers. O&M templates are created with in-built validation rules and export capabilities. This reduces data entry errors, with the automatic validation removing the need for lengthy checks.

Information is input into templates by direct data entry or imported from other sources such as Excel worksheets, asset registers, COBie, 3D models, Revit and IFC data sets.

The information is checked by the review teams following pre-set workflows. This single source of information is mapped to create other documentation e.g., Health and Safety files, logbooks and asset registers.

All information is exported to create the handover documentation in native and PDF formats, Asset Register, COBie/CAFM and pushed into models.

How do we do it?

EDocuments has over 20 years’ experience in creating and managing handover information. The three pillars that ensure we deliver great work are:

People – We provide construction and information management expertise to enable the production of high-quality information

Process – We follow internationally recognised processes and standards for information management and have kitemarks and certification to support this

Validation – We work with you to set validation rules for you to keep

These pillars are combined with our Springboard solution to create a master data management system to collect, validate and deliver O&M information.

Some of our recent projects