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Eden Girls Academy

Handed over 5 weeks early! Birmingham council commissioned new 3-storey academic building, providing 600 additional school-places for the region.
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The Project

Demolition of former school building made way for the new 3-storey academic building, comprised of classrooms, sports hall and dining area, learning resource facility, reflection hall and offices. Due to increasing demand in the area, Birmingham council commissioned the project to provide 600 additional school-places for the region.

The project was able to hand over 5 weeks early, thanks to efficiency and support from the projects supply chain, a huge benefit when delivering much-needed community assets such as this.

The Challenge

Construction requirements –

To provide the end user client and their FM team accurate, approved, robust Hand Over information including Health & Safety File, O&M Manuals, Building Logbook and BREEAM Building User Guide, with automated Asset Register.

Operational requirements –

To deliver validated, relevant, useable data in a standardized, easy to use format which is readily available and can be easily updated throughout the building's lifetime.

How we did it

Process –

By adopting Edocuments industry standard compliant templates, Edocuments were able to collate the Hand Over Information from the supply chain in line with the construction Programme ensuring data was collected before sub-contractors left site. Managing the entire collation process over the 18month contract period, Edocuments worked closely with the MEP Contractor to make sure their information replicated the other documents, providing consistency throughout.

Software –

As well as using the built-in system tools to ensure all documents were fully reviewed and approved, with all reviews being captured and recorded, the platform also ensured information provided by the sub-contractors and the supply chain automatically populated relevant sections of the Health and Safety file such as Residual Risk, Hazardous Materials and Disposal Information, therefore eliminating human error.

Key Outcomes and Lessons Learnt

Being engaged early in the project ensured a strategic approach could be adopted in the collation of the data. It allowed sensible times to review systems and information by multiple team members responsible for their own sperate work elements.

Edocuments Project Manager said “working alongside a good construction team and supply chain really helped and made for a good working environment”

Photograph kindly provided by Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Ltd.