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For Contractors

Fully managed O&M production service

Looking for someone else to create and manage the production of O&M documentation? Edocuments can provide a documentation project manager, and information / document controllers. They will assist with running the project, chasing the supply chain, subcontractors, and suppliers. Optionally you may add a dedicated data expert or technical authors, who can write technical operations and system descriptions and overviews.

Contractors and principal contractors.

For principal contractors, data is essential for a safe and efficient delivery of projects. By collecting accurate data about the safety, maintenance, and operational of the materials and equipment, they can make more informed decisions that will ensure a successful outcome.

Edocuments platform has been designed specifically to handle this task. Splits the O&M’s (operation and maintenance manuals) into a series of online forms tailored to each of the subcontractors or suppliers’ packages ensuring the correct questions are asked and thus accurate data is gathered.

Collaboration is critical. Edocuments online platform allows all users to work online together with a full audit trail of all users’ changes. Data workflows control that all data goes through a robust agreed process such as BS1192 or ISO19650.

Edocuments templates are aligned with the COBie schema to automatically generate COBie without the supply chain needing to understand the rules of the schema. Thus, ensuring a consistent method in how data in collated and managed.


Handover with confidence

Since 2000, Edocuments has provided services to manage the production of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals. Edocuments software drives the highest quality handover information.

With years of experience, Edocuments’ project managers can help make the collation of O&M information as seamless as possible.

Self-service software to build O&M’s

Use Edocs software platform to self-build O&M’s. All the assurance and validation of using the platform to create high quality accurate O&M’s, from a variety of pre-built templates.

Edocuments provide training and support, and live chat to keep you running.

Investing in data

Investing in quality data analysis tools is therefore essential for any contractor who wants to succeed in today's competitive market.

During the build and commission stage, the Project Information Model (PIM) continues to develop with most of the data exchanges now taking place between members of the supply chain as opposed to the client.