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Embankment West Apartments

New 16 and 18 storey high apartment buildings, including communal spaces, leisure facilities, lounge, and catering areas situated in Salford Manchester.
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The Project –

Incorporating the existing Victorian rail arches into the final landscape scheme, this residential project ties into a modern building design which compliments the recently modernised surrounding areas in Salford Manchester.

The development of 16 and 18 storey high apartment buildings provides premium residential homes plus the benefit of communal spaces such as leisure facilities, lounge, and catering areas. Overall, the project was challenging both due to the location and Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, but the complexities were well managed.

The Challenge.

Construction requirements

To provide a full set of Hand Over Information covering three sperate buildings, in two separate sets of documents, for two different End User Clients. To also have sperate information for the External Areas for the different end users

Operational requirements

To deliver accurate approved Hand Over Information to two separate End User Clients on a project with multiple buildings, that was constructed as a single project

How we did it.


Utilising Edocuments Springboard platform, a full suite of industry compliant documents including Health & Safety File, O&M Manuals, Building Logbook and BREEAM Building User Guides were created for the different bocks.

Edocuments managed the entire collation process, working closely with different stakeholders on the different buildings. Edocuments platform enabled information to be provided by the supply chain into the relevant blocks, making it specific and accurate for the end user client.


Using the built-in reporting tools, and with all reviews being carried out online, all stakeholders were kept fully informed with up-to-date progress from a project level down to asset level. Different dates could be tracked per building, minimizing the risk of late information.

Key Outcomes and Lessons Learnt.

By using the Edocuments platform, both end user clients have the option to keep their information live and updateable online, allowing them to update, share information and print on demand, or store electronically on their own server.

Edocuments Document Controller. -By working with the Stakeholders at the beginning of the project and establishing the need for separate documents for separate buildings, the information was collated in such a way that the buildings could be managed independently”.