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Data Insights

Mine, Analyse, Discover

EDocuments platform is highly mineable, as we don’t just store documents, documents are broken down into data-forms, then individual fields and their values. Sophisticated validation then tests the granular atomised data thus giving us the highest possible accuracy.

All this granular content is managed by workflows to ensure that all data goes through a robust process that typically include steps for data gathering, authoring, reviews, and approvals.

This enables users to Mine, Analyse, Discover.

EDocuments platform asset data behind the schedule summary


Mine (DIG into the content)

What can we learn from mining volumes of my building data, from multiple projects?

Data mining analyses the relationships and patterns in the data based on content provided by all the users attributed to a project. Data insights are revolutionising the building and construction industry. By leveraging powerful data analysis tools, project teams can now make better decisions faster, stay ahead of potential pit falls, and ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Data insights can help professional teams understand the complexities of a project in greater detail and make informed decisions that drive efficient performance. By analysing the cost-overruns and delays, we can pinpoint causes and take corrective action to ensure that similar issues do not recur in future projects.

Google style search of all data including that imbedded within PDF files.


Analyse (Standard)

As a Project Manager, you understand the importance of analysing data for buildings and construction information to ensure accuracy. With the right solutions in place, you will have access to invaluable insights that can help improve the delivery of accurate data. Here are three ways that advanced data analysis can benefit your projects:

  1. Improved Decision Making - With improved data analysis, you can quickly make decisions based on the insights that are available. This helps reduce the time spent making decisions and accelerate project completion times. Additionally, you will be able to better identify potential problems before they become issues.
  2. Streamlined Processes - Advanced data analysis allows for more efficient processes by reducing manual steps. In addition, you can apply automation to further streamline construction processes. This leads to improved job site performance and cost savings.
  3. Enhanced Accuracy - By using EDocuments platform, you can better assess the accuracy of information gathered on-site. This ensures that all data collected is up to date and compliant with industry regulations. Additionally, you will be able to perform more detailed analysis of data points for further accuracy.
  4. Standard Dashboards - comprising of customisable widgets allowing users to configure a wide range of reports. Managers who are interested in delivery of the data is the “Forecast and timeline . Critical to manage packages, sub-contractors and the supply chain is the “systems and section reporting” are targets being hit? Projects are often delayed as reviewing of the content does not take place on time, Gain key insights into the reviewer’s progress and their status.

EDocuments customisable dashboards help all users to make better informed decisions.


Analyse (Enterprise)

(Enterprise & framework agreement customers only)

  • Enterprise-wide analytics
  • What metrics do we have?
  • Process and content of all sites and projects to monitor performance. Across hundreds of projects at once, compare regional performance and regional offices if you have them. Assess the current stage of all projects and weather they are behind or on track for planned delivery dates.

EDocuments API connected to Microsoft Power BI dashboard.



Analysing data to discover trends can be a powerful tool for construction teams and building owners. It allows users to identify areas for improvement, understand customer preferences, and plan for long-term success. This article will explore the basics of discovering trends in data and provide some tips for getting started with this process.

  • Enterprise only
  • Account level analytics Power Bi and API.
  • Regional performance.

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