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Creating O&M’s yourself

Why do it yourself?

If you have your own document controllers, or staff confident at building technical documents then the EDocuments platform will save them countless hours manging the collation of the data. The built in workflows ensure that all data goes through a robust review and approvals process. The built in validation makes sure that you are meeting any data requirements that have been imposed on the project.

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Why do users use EDocuments platform?

Since the year 2000 EDocuments has been creating technical documentation for the construction industry, and for building owners, and has more than 40,000 users across the globe.

To improve the efficiency of building the documents. EDocuments created a software platform to automate the process.

EDocuments’ cloud-based software gathers data in a large database that enables information to be accessed easily anytime, anywhere.

The software with training is available for anyone wishing to build technical documents. The platform contains many prebuilt templates that are all based on legislation, or industry best practice guides. If you have custom requirements, please contact us and we can configure or assist with bespoke template creation.

The “do it yourself option” is ideal for companies that have people with the skills to build technical docs, but who will benefit from the automation, workflows, and validation that the software provides. Furthermore, on BIM projects where complex models and attribute requirements need to be met the platform is invaluable.


EDocuments Digital Operating and Maintenance Manuals

The operation and maintenance manual (O&M) defines the requirements and procedures for the effective operation, maintenance, decommissioning and demolition of the building. The operating and maintenance manual includes details of the building's construction, history and maintenance, instructions for its operation and maintenance, and guarantees and warranties.

With the ever-increasing complexity of buildings, so increases the volume of operation and maintenance (O&M) information required to ensure the services are operated correctly.

EDocuments Electronic Operating and Maintenance Manuals (O&M) are designed to alleviate the inherent problems associated with paper based technical documents. Drawings, manufacturer's literature, certificates, and other specialist data are all included electronically. The digital documents once created provide a replica of the paper documents in an easily stored, accessed, and secure format. For ease of use the familiarity, structure and layout of the paper document is retained.


What to do if I need help?

EDocuments are always on hand to provide support and assistance when required.

Compiling information together for handover can be a stressful process. Every piece of detail needs to be present, if you run into problem or need help, EDocuments are here to assist.

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Getting started

Contact our sales team so we can better understand your requirements. But you can be up and running in as little as 15 mins with our “Onboarding and Training” face to face video call.

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EDocuments Standard Operating and Maintenance Manual template

Complies with:

Application Guide 1/87.1 Operating and Maintenance Manuals for building services installations - BSRIA.

Guide to Ownership, Operating and Maintenance of Building Services - CIBSE EDocuments are an approved CIBSE Logbook Developer IEE Information on this publication.

Electrical Engineers Electrical Maintenance (PWR05100) Institute of Electrical Engineers IEE.