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Edocuments provide information management solutions to a variety of healthcare clients to enable the efficient production and delivery of quality handover information including hospitals and NHS trusts.

As healthcare projects are complex and asset-heavy, for healthcare clients, information management streamlines building data, ensuring buildings perform efficiently and reliably into the future.

With Edocuments platform, healthcare clients can maximise their data for the benefit of building operation, assuring the health, safety and wellbeing of patients, visitors, and staff.

Improving and validating data in this way minimises risk and adds value to buildings. A full audit trail of information demonstrates compliance and ensures decisions can be traced - two important aspects for healthcare clients.

Complex models can be simply connected to all the O&M data.


Some of our Healthcare clients

Information governance

Information governance and quality operation and maintenance information is increasingly required on projects, ensuring clients can use data to operate, maintain and manage built assets in compliance with legislation. Edocuments provides its services to a range of healthcare clients such as Clatterbridge Cancer Care Hospital and The Grange Hospital, to ensure their standardised data can be utilised to improve project delivery and decision-making.

Providing handover information on a clear, user-friendly platform, Edocuments are further able to continually manage healthcare clients’ information, to assure even greater information accessibility and clarity.

Platform benefits

Edocuments platform validates data to minimise risk and add value to built assets. Creating and managing large amounts of building information can be complex, but the platform is designed to streamline the production of handover information to make the right data accessible.

With standard templates in place, Edocuments platform is an intuitive tool which is easy to use and set-up. The data is presented in a traditional style operation and maintenance (O&M) format but can be easily exported in formats such as COBie, Word, Excel, IFC, Revit, and PDF as well as CAFM platforms.

What’s more, 3D Model visualisations combined with the O&M data and the asset validation, allow you to quickly view and understand data errors and their impact on risk to the facility.

Some of our recent projects