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Accurate and reliable handling of data is vital

Edocuments has worked on a range of datacentre projects and has the knowhow and insight to ensure clients have access to the right data, assuring swift project delivery.

As the use of digital increases in construction, the need for accurate and reliable handling of data is vital. Reliable handovers ensure seamless transitions, transferring project knowledge and fostering transparency. To avoid disruptions when it comes to handling data.

A clear, concise information management strategy is key for datacentre projects.

With years of experience, Edocuments understands how datacentre projects work. As well as delivering full sets of O&M manuals, health and safety files, and building logbooks.


Power BI - data analytics

Data mining analyses the relationships and patterns in the data based on content provided by all the users attributed to a project. Data insights are revolutionising the building and construction industry. By leveraging powerful data analysis tools, project teams can now make better decisions faster, stay ahead of potential pit falls, and ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Edocuments API connected to Microsoft Power BI dashboard.


Some of our recent projects