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Popular templates

1. Mechanical services operating and maintenance.
2. Electrical services operating and maintenance.
3. Building services operating and maintenance.
4. COBie
5. FIREie BS 8644-1:2022
6. Health & Safety File
7. Building logbook
8. BREEAM guide
9. User guides
10. Tennant user manuals

Driving productivity

Using pre-built online templates allows users to gather data quickly and accurately to a variety of industry recognised standards.

Edocuments templates are collections of online web-forms that together look like a continuous document. Each of the forms is individually configurable, for input type, security, validation-rules, and many other properties.

Almost any industry standard imaginable can then be represented online, using a combination of these forms.

The templates are highly customisable, contact us if you have a bespoke requirement.