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Meet our platform

Meet our information management platform

Inputting and managing data shouldn’t be complex, and today more than ever the accuracy and quality of a building’s data is crucial. For over 20 years, EDocuments software has been connecting the dots when it comes to information management.

We provide high-quality solutions for the delivery of BIM and handover documentation to a range of clients spanning residential, commercial, and healthcare sectors, ensuring built assets perform for years to come.

Integration with 3rd party software

Simply share data and files with additional CDEs (common data environments), Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk Revit and more using EDocuments plugins.
Time management, or lack of time, is one of the biggest complaints in the construction industry. To expedite delivery and ensure efficiency, automation is a great way to save large chucks of time.
But there is no need to stop using the tools you use every day. Because you want to make the most of productivity, there is no need to manually move files around. Use EDocuments’ CDE connectors or APIs for automation to pull and push data from your CDE to EDocuments platform. This saves time and dynamically populates your Handover documentation such as operation and maintenance manuals, and health & safety files. A great example is automatically moving PDF files from the CDE once they reach a record-as-built status.

Time saving templates

On construction projects there is little room for error. Our dynamic and automated content means that you “put the data in once” but that data can then be flowed and reused many times in other areas of the documents that you are building, for example: summary-sections, asset-registers, other-documents. These dynamic summaries can be configured to almost any imaginable template to save you time but guarantee reliability and efficiency.
Customers use our templates because they have been designed with the user in mind EDocuments templates are based on many years of research into guidelines and best practices, plus 20 years of feedback from clients on what data is necessary for the safe, continued operation and maintenance of a facility.

Show compliance: prebuilt workflows and processes

Quality assurance requires that a process is adhered to and followed. This can be as simple as “Author-Review-Approve” or could be more complex such as processes seen in BS1192 or ISO19650 guidance documentation.
EDocuments platform has a host of prebuilt workflows to save the user having to invent a new process. But if you have process flows that you company uses, then you can configure your own bespoke workflows. If this sound too complex, then EDocuments can simply set these up for you.

On-hand experts

EDocuments has a team of experts available to help you with all your data queries. We are committed to delivering the very best services for our customers and continue to evolve with the industry to ensure our services exceed their needs.
Our staff have come from a wide range of backgrounds such as facilities management, mechanical and electrical service design, construction project management, software engineering to name but a few.

3D Model validation

View validation errors live in our 3D model viewer.
So often the 3D models do not reflect what gets installed, the data in the 3D model may be right or wrong, we only know once we validate it. Ensure the alignment of data between the model and the handover documentation using EDocuments Platform.
Save a great deal of time by just putting a simple reference in the 3D model and then all the rich data properties and attributes are managed within EDocuments Platform.

BIM compliant - COBie import and export

COBie is regularly specified as a required deliverable forming part of the handover documentation.
EDocuments Platform has been built with COBie in mind, so you never need to worry about it. You can always export it at any time as the project progresses.
Want something like COBie but different or extended data sets. Yes, we can do that too. We have exports for many FM platforms and can assist with tailored alternatives.

Automated validation

Validation is the key to delivering quality assured data. Here at EDocuments we are committed to ensuring process driven data assurance.
Using your preferred classification sets or EDocuments standard classifications, you can configure all the required data, and the rules necessary to validate the data.
If this all sounds too complex, you can always use EDocuments default options and pre-built templates to ensure delivering quality assured data.

Inputting and managing data shouldn’t be complex.

EDocuments’ advanced software gathers validates and improves the quality of our client’s data, making it more accurate, easier, and safer to input and manage.

EDocuments software is designed to work alongside the tools you love so there is no need to replace your existing systems or retrain your staff!