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Platform features overview

EDocuments Platform

EDocuments Platform lets users create, manage and consolidate Project and Asset Information models into a single source of truth.


Built on data, it supports multiple templates for content collation, automated quality checking and flexible data import and export tools. Single input, multiple outputs.

Automatically create other documents e.g. Asset Registers , PPM Maintenance Schedules, Literature Summaries, Risk Registers.


Create interactive data driven templates complete with data rich asset fields.

Enable the design and construction teams to create accurate validated information using simple web based templates.


Monitor progress and Performance

Information and progress is available as soon as the project starts, when and where it’s needed and in the necessary format accessed through the 3D models, 2D/3D panoramic hotpots, QR codes or exported files.


Control, track and monitor progress at all stages of the project

Analytics tools for accurate forecast and deliver of information

Validate and check information against the information-requirements


Using cloud technology our applications enable users to capture, organize, store, search, share, transfer, analyse and visualize information.

Standard platform features

  • Full audit trail
  • BIM model integration (Browser based model viewer)
  • Training, Support
  • Templates, Validation, Workflows
  • ISO19650, BS1192

Platform & assistance

As well as the EDocs platform we provide a service:

  • Technical Author / data expert.
  • Authoring system descriptions
  • Authoring operation and maintenance
  • Dedicated Project manager
  • Dedicated Information / document controller
  • Chasing subcontractors and suppliers
  • Weekly progress meetings
  • Start up and closed out meetings

Enterprise options

  • Unlimited Everything, no limits on number of Projects, users, or data.
  • Insight & Analytics
  • API
  • PowerBi integration
  • Minimum 3yr sign up term
  • Bespoke templates and configurations
  • Preferential “assistance” pricing
  • Long term archive

The Benefits

  1. Access – secure cloud based data management platform
  2. Input information once and use it many times from design through to asset management
  3. All stakeholders are given access to a web based data management platform providing transparent access to the data.
  4. Reduce Risk of late and incomplete handover information
  5. Audit trail to demonstrate compliance
  6. Auditability - create a single source of truth
  7. Standardisation and compliance for all projects
  8. Electronic archive
  9. Cost saving - management, validation, delivery and storage
  10. Central store for all information
  11. Ease of updating
  12. Ease of use, searching and finding information
  13. Future proof – ability to share information electronically
  14. Efficiency – reducing errors, automating validation
  15. Flexible data collection templates with defined rules and workflows
  16. Online content input & editing tools - not docs and spreadsheets
  17. Data Visualization tools including 3D models (IFC) and immersive panoramic images
  18. Integration to CAFM and other databases via spreadsheets or API’s
  19. Extensibility – ease of scaling and extending future functionality
  20. Governance – demonstrate your processes meet standards
  21. Analytics and reporting dashboards - save time creating and updating reports
  22. Share information using web-links and QR codes – reduce emails
  23. Insight & Business Intelligence – interrogate data sets across single/many projects
  24. BIM compliant – inbuilt COBie validation and export tools
  25. Economical- eliminate management and storage of paper.