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FAQ - What options do I have to protect access to my data if EDocuments should go out of business?

EDocuments have been in managing data for buildings for over 22 years and are proud to be ISO27001 security kite marked. We have robust externally audited processes for managing our business, software, and customers data.

EDocuments offer multiple solutions for making sure you have access to your data in the event of EDocuments going out of business.

- The most popular and simplest solution is you can export your data from the platform at any time, pulling the data into your own data warehouses as a continuous back up, essentially taking snapshots of the data. All the exported files are readable using the standard Microsoft applications, Word, Excel, with 3D models exported in their native formats. With this example customers often pull the data at key project milestones.

- EDocuments also offer a data push and pull model for various CDE's such as Asite, Viewpoint, 4 Projects, Aconex, Procore, and are happy to develop other adapters if your CDE has an API.

- EDocuments can discuss source code escrow agreement that covers the EDocuments software platform, this will incur additional implementation and annual fees, but will give access to a data bucket containing your customer data and to a repository containing EDocuments source code.