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FAQ - What integrations with Autodesk do EDocuments have.

Save production time, increase validation accuracy, and improve navigation of data.

ACC, (Autodesk construction cloud) Autodesk Revit, or BIM 360 users can sync and extract model data, files and tasks between Autodesk products and EDocuments Platform.

The EDocuments platform allows end user clients to store and validate data for the provision of Operation and Maintenance Manuals. This data comes to EDocuments in a variety of ways from direct input into our web platform, to data imports from COBie and data extracted directly from 3D models (IFC and Revit). While a project is hosted within the platform, The platform allows the users to visualize models via the Autodesk Forge API alongside the validated asset data we hold. At the end of a project, EDocuments can push the validated data back into the 3D models via our Revit Plugin (EDocs Springboard Connect)

If you are using ACC Autodesk construction cloud, you can directly view your 3D models within EDocuments platform. EDocuments platform dynamically links all the available assets from the digital O&M manuals with the entities in the 3D model, this provides a useful navigation tool. But more importantly a validation tool highlighting managed and non manged assets. EDocuments platform and viewer can also federate many models together.

Huge additional time savings can be made if you normally upload and download data from CDE’s as EDocuments platform has sophisticated automation rules for moving files and data between platforms.

We also allow IFC files to viewed in the 3D model viewer.

At the end of a project, we have a range of exports tools - outputs to Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, COBie, IFC, Autodesk REVIT and more.

EDocuments are an Autodesk partner and accredited Autodesk developer and are working closely with Autodesk to develop further solutions.