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FAQ - What information do we need to provide if EDocuments are managing the project?

EDocuments need access to the latest, most accurate construction information in the formats detailed below, to expedite the transfer of data and gain the full benefits of our EDocs Platform. If required, we can also provide templates for any of the document registers listed below:

  1. Access to your CDE or file sharing portal.
  2. Project Directory for whole team including contact names, telephone, and email address (XLSX, DOCX).
  3. Package List with telephone numbers and email address (XLSX, DOCX).
  4. Programme – deliverable dates including phases, if applicable (any format).
  5. Review team list detailing which elements or packages to review including contact details if not listed in Item 2 above (xlsx, .docx).

Note: EDocuments are familiar with numerous information portals or CDE’s (Common Data Environments).