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FAQ - Possible Information required for production of Handover Information?

Possible information can include:

  1. Project stage reports e.g., RIBA.
  2. H&S Pre-Construction Information, Designers Risk Assessments, BREEAM Assessments, Specifications (XLSX, DOCX).
  3. Technical Submissions register (XLS, DOCX) and technical submissions (PDF), Schedules of equipment or equipment lists e.g., plant registers. (XLSX, DOCX).
  4. Construction Drawings (PDF), schematics (PDF) & models (native of IFC format) including issue sheets. (XLSX, DOCX).
  5. Certificates List (XLSX, DOCX) complete with unique file name to match the final certificates (.pdf).
  6. Record or As Built Drawings or Models List (XLSX, DOCX) complete with unique file name and type format to match the final or versions of models (PDF, DWG, RVT, NWC, NWD).

Note: Edocuments are familiar with numerous information portals or CDE’s (Common Data Environments).