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FAQ - How do I convince my line manager that we need this platform?

Edocuments provide services and software for the delivery of BIM. Simply, the solutions address and de-risk the delivery and integration of data for our clients.

Edocuments software platform delivers all your Digital Handover Information including O&M Manuals. Underpinned by the creation, collation, and exchange of shared, intelligent, structured data.

Using the platform, you can deliver Asset information for the Built Environment using built in knowledge and technology to improve delivery, increase accuracy, and realise cost savings through process driven data management.

Edocuments provide a flexible range of cost-effective management and software solutions to help the project teams deliver the built asset information to the FM (facilities management) users.

These include Information Management, Record/As Built Handover Information* production, Technical Authoring and Data Integration.

* Includes Health & Safety Files, Logbooks, O&M Manuals data, documents, models, drawings, COBie data drops, certification, asset registers, residual risk registers etc.

The platform has a simple Interface presented as a document web page.

Enter and check data once, and then automation reflows this data into many templates.

Use the platforms built in data-adaptors to pull and push data from your CDE saving you hours uploading and downloading data.

Automatically create other documents e.g., Asset Registers, PPM Maintenance Schedules, Literature Summaries, Risk Registers.

Export and link data to 3D BIM models, CAFM systems.

Automatically create COBie, validate and export as standard.