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FAQ - Explain within the process how management/administration of the Technical Authoring

The technical authors will commence the process of collecting the information for each of the assets in conjunction with an assistant who will find information from

  1. Design specifications
  2. Technical submittals
  3. Sub-contractor information
  4. Construction issue layout drawings and schematics

Part of the process will be discussing with the review team, as to extent of what needs to be collected and reviewed, including the process of dealing with missing or late reviews.

Edocuments use both of internal and external technical writing resources who can provide a good quality documentation with the appropriate level of detail, thereby reducing the number of comments made and therefore delivery of the documents.

We have found that MEP sub-contractors who use their own technical authors generally need an amount of training as they do not generally put in the level of detail expected. Therefore, if this is the case, it can have a detrimental effect on the approval and delivery process.