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FAQ - Who are we?

EDocuments provides services and software for the delivery of BIM. Simply, the solutions address and de-risk the integration of data for our clients. With more than 40,000 users, EDocuments have been providing data integration solutions to the construction industry for over 20 years with 85% of turnover achieved through repeat business, and 30% of turnover from long term agreements.

EDocuments assist clients, professional teams, and supply chains to provide quality handover information on time. Our software platform and industry expertise are dedicated to the creation of high quality and auditable data for the built environment.

EDocuments is a leading digital documentation solution for anyone involved in creating and managing information for Buildings. EDocuments products and services are designed for the creation and management of information for Building Record Documentation. Using intelligent templates and content management software, users can simply define and control all aspects of documentation production from start to finish.

  • Document control
  • Document management
  • Technical writing
  • Ongoing Document hosting

EDocuments follow the best practice industry recommendations related to the collaborative production and delivery of information for construction projects.

EDocuments is privately owned, Incorporated in 2001. Investment into inhouse software development has revolutionised our document production methods. EDocuments continues to develop and improve all aspects relating to handover information for customers.